Commercial Finance

Commercial finance is much more specialised than residential, so if you want to get a good result, it’s important to work with a finance brokerage that has a lot of experience in this sector.

We help businesses and investors buy the full range of commercial property, from retail, office, healthcare and industrial to hospitality, hotels, agriculture and mixed-use. This could be anything from a medical centre to a factory, and everything in between.


When it comes to commercial finance, lending criteria and internal processes can vary widely from lender to lender. So to give your loan application the best chance of being approved – and as quickly as possible – we’ll present it in a way that’s tailored to that lender’s specific requirements.


Our clients’ needs are diverse – and so is our service. Depending on your scenario, we can help you buy a property with a full-doc, low-doc or lease-doc loan, and can finance your deal with a mainstream bank, a reputable non-bank lender or a flexible private funder.

For urgent matters, we have the ability to settle business loans within 24 hours of submission.

Because we’ve dealt with so many different businesses and scenarios, we can also give you strategic advice on the best way to solve your finance problem.

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With commercial finance, you can finance a wide variety of properties ranging from retail spaces and healthcare facilities to agricultural lands and mixed-use properties. Whether it’s an office building, a factory, or a hotel, we have the experience and connections to help you find the best financing solution tailored to your needs.

Full-doc loans: These require a more comprehensive assessment of your income. This varies from lender to lender, but involves a more in depth review of the borrowers’ income.

Low-doc loans: Ideal for borrowers who cannot provide a full set of financial documents. This is generally due to these not being up to date, or not being a true reflection of the current performance of the business.

Lease-doc loans: Suitable for borrowers who are purchasing a commercial property as an investment; the lease agreement is the only income that is assessed, and this commercial loan the only liability. This reduced information makes the process smoother, and is ideal for borrower with complex personal circumstances.

Yes, at Market Street Finance, we work with a diverse range of lenders including mainstream banks, reputable non-bank lenders, and flexible private funders to cater to your unique financial needs and preferences, ensuring that you get the best deal available.

Each lender has a unique set of criteria and internal processes. We leverage our vast experience to present your application in a manner most appealing to the specific lender, encompassing all necessary details and adhering to their specific requirements, to heighten the chances of approval and facilitate a quicker process.

When it comes to commercial loans, the more creditworthy you appear, the higher your borrowing capacity will be. A typical loan-to-value ratio for commercial property purchases is 70%. However, depending on your financial position, some lenders will allow you to borrow up to 80% or, in certain circumstances, even 90%.