Residential Finance

Whether you’re a home owner or an investor, Market Street Finance can help you buy a property, build a new home, renovate your current home or refinance a loan.

You probably know that interest rates can vary widely from lender to lender; but so can credit policies, processing times and customer service. That’s why we work with a diverse group of lenders. We’ll compare the market on your behalf, and then recommend a lender that wants to do business with someone in your specific situation.

We’ll also recommend a loan structure that is designed to solve your current problem while taking into account your potential future plans.

Once you’ve decided what lender, loan product and loan structure you’d like, we’ll manage the entire application process. Of course, we’ll check in with you at regular intervals, so you always know how your application is placed.

For urgent matters, we have the ability to settle business loans within 24 hours of submission.

Because we’ve dealt with so many different businesses and scenarios, we can also give you strategic advice on the best way to solve your finance problem.

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Absolutely, we at Market Street Finance are dedicated to assisting both seasoned and first-time homebuyers. We can guide you through every step of the home buying process, providing you with insights and advice to find a lender and loan structure that aligns with your specific situation and future plans. We can also help you take advantage of the various schemes that exist to help first tome home owners get on the property ladder.

We assess a range of factors including interest rates, credit policies, processing times, and customer service across a diverse group of lenders to find the best match for you. We take into consideration your individual circumstances and financial goals to recommend a lender eager to facilitate a loan for someone in your particular situation. We have a legally set out best interest duty that requires us to choose that lender that best suits your particular needs.

We recommend loan structures that not only address your current needs but also anticipate your future plans. This might encompass fixed or variable rate loans, split loans, or others based on the features and flexibilities you require. Our focus is on crafting a loan structure that safeguards your financial wellbeing while facilitating your homeownership dream. This also can apply to ownership structures, and we’ll work with your accountant and financial advisor to ensure ownership structures are also set up to align with your goals.

Market Street Finance manages the entire loan application process on your behalf. From choosing the lender, loan product, and structure to submitting the application and following up with the lender, we handle everything. We maintain regular communication with you, updating you at key intervals so you are always informed about the status of your application. This doesn’t stop at settlement – after your loan has settled, we’ll continue to monitor your pricing, and proactively reach out to ensure this loan still meets your needs.

We love helping property investors. As property investors ourselves, we understand the Australian dream of growing your wealth through property investment. Recognizing that property investment is a strategic venture, we help investors identify loan structures that cater to their investment goals. We also work with a vast range of lenders, as each property investor has their own unique requirements. Whether it’s price, structure, or borrowing capacity, we’ll be able to find a solution that maximises what’s most important to you.